About Us

13 Extracts is aimed at making the natural goodness of cannabis extracts accessible to everyone. Our focus lies in developing quality products that enable our users to lead a healthier, happier, and better life. 13 Extracts is your source of premium, affordable cannabis extracts-based products developed from the finest quality of Indian cannabis.

We blend the ancient Indian science with the modern lifestyle to create products that swiftly blend into your life elevating its status. All our products are organic and lab-tested. We primarily work with the extract called CBD but are continuously developing products centred around other cannabis extracts as well.

Our Mission

13 Extracts has a sole mission: to lead cannabis-based innovations in the country through developing quality products that make the lives of our users better. Our aim is to pioneer a new generation of humans who live a preventative wellness life. In 13 Extracts, we combine science, technology, and innovation to achieve this.

As a team, we work for the consumer. We dedicate our time and resources into understanding the needs of the users and thus develop products that they want in their lives. For this, a dimension of our focus is also on educating the users about the cannabis plants and the way in which its different components interact with the human body.

13 Extracts works with the vision of leading the innovations that will change the way people experience wellness. By constantly expanding our knowledge, research, and products, we aim to lead a new way for the cannabis industry.

Partner With us

The team at 13 Extracts is always looking forward to joining hands with innovative minds. Our current research includes partnerships for:

  • CBD-infused Water
    Blending the best of nature together. CBD-infused water is a great way to take care of your body and mind well-being while staying hydrated.
  • CBD Mints
    Grab CBD on the go. Add a touch of healthy refreshment to your life with CBD mints.
  • CBD-infused Cosmetics
    Cruelty-free, organic beauty supplements that are kind to your skin. A range of serums, moisturizers, body lotion, and face mists can be developed using CBD as the prime constituent.
  • CBD for Pets
    CBD for your furry friend to be healthier and happier. Explore a wide range of CBD products made specifically for pets.
  • CBD Edibles
    The quickest way to add CBD to your life through CBD gummies, chocolates, protein powders, and more.