Partner with us

The team at 13 Extracts is always looking forward to joining hands with innovative minds. Our current research includes partnerships for:

  • CBD-infused Water
    Blending the best of nature together. CBD-infused water is a great way to take care of your body and mind well-being while staying hydrated.
  • CBD Mints
    Grab CBD on the go. Add a touch of healthy refreshment to your life with CBD mints.
  • CBD-infused Cosmetics
    Cruelty-free, organic beauty supplements that are kind to your skin. A range of serums, moisturizers, body lotion, and face mists can be developed using CBD as the prime constituent.
  • CBD for Pets
    CBD for your furry friend to be healthier and happier. Explore a wide range of CBD products made specifically for pets.
  • CBD Edibles
    The quickest way to add CBD to your life through CBD gummies, chocolates, protein powders, and more.